About Us | Line + Tow

Grace Pattern making for the new Line and Tow CollectionPaige Lucas Photography

Line + Tow started with a passion for quality textiles that honor the handmade process and found its niche producing well designed, quality, handmade home and apparel basics that inspire a more thoughtful lifestyle.

Our society has become obsessed with consumption and convenience and we’re no longer deeply connected to the makers of the items we purchase. Most products are treated as disposable and quality is no longer a priority for many companies. Seeing the insanity of our culture's current spending habits, we set out to change them.   

We believe in sustainable production methods, so all of our products and raw materials are carefully sourced with sustainability in mind. Each item in our collection is handmade with care using traditional production methods, many dating back centuries. We pursue every partnership with the goal of producing less waste and putting our money where it matters - environmental fashion development.